Fast And Frugal Cookbook

The title of Dawn Hall’s book caught my eye. Any cookbook with a focus on being fast and frugal is sure to be a best-seller. I like how it is laid out with side bars that list the supplies needed and a grocery list (sorted by food type) to make shopping easier. I also appreciate the nutritional information printed at the bottom of every recipe.

Although there are several recipes that I plan to try (like Dawn’s Italian Mini Meatloaves, Farmer’s Breakfast Frittata, and Chocolate Mint Cookies), many of the meals are a bit fancy for the picky eaters in my family.

Even though I’m not ready to cook some of the unique entrees in Dawn’s cookbook (like stuffed french toast with sweet egg and sausage scramble, cherry chutney cocktail spread, and open-faced cranberry beef and feta sandwiches on toasted rye), I believe that more adventurous cooks (with more open-minded children) will really enjoy her recipes. Kudos to the author for making Martha Stewart like meals available to fast and frugally-minded moms.

That’s all for this review. Until next time …

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