Stupid Arguments

“You’ve been up for twenty minutes. How can you be fighting already?” I asked my daughters after joining them in the entryway.

“Katie said I used a purse as my backpack when I was in Kindergarten and I didn’t,” Hollie cried.

“Why are you fighting about something that may or may not have happened three years ago?”

“Because I know she carried a purse instead of a backpack,” Katie insisted.

“I did not!” her sister shouted back.

“We need to go or you’ll be late for school,” I warned as I opened the door to the garage. “Just get in the van.”

The tension between the girls escalated as Katie squeezed past Hollie’s seat, elbowing her in the process.

“Mom, Katie hit me!”

What verse can I mention to convince them to get along? I wondered while backing out of the driveway. Not good about committing anything to memory, I knew that the information I needed would not come to me while driving so I reached for the business card holder that I kept in the van for times just like this one.

“Katie, this is full of verses,” I said while handing it back to where she was sitting. “Why don’t you find one about fighting?”

“I am not looking up anything.”

“Then I am not dropping you off at school. I’ll just drive around the block until you do what I asked and you’ll have to explain to your teacher why you were late.”

“Fine!”she huffed as she grabbed the holder from my hand.

“I think there’s one about foolish arguments in there,” I suggested. “Do you see it?”

Always up for a challenge, Katie searched for the verse I was talking about.

“Don’t have anything to do with foolish and stupid arguments, because you know they produce quarrels,” she read after locating 2 Timothy 2:23.

“What’s a quarrel?” Hollie asked.

“It’s another word for fight,” I explained. “That verse is telling you that it’s foolish to argue about something that happened three years ago and doesn’t matter today.”

Hollie thought about what I said for a few seconds before turning to her sister to say: “I’m sorry, Katie.”

Both girls were in good spirits when I stopped in front of their school, having received their first lesson of the day from the greatest textbook ever written.

2 thoughts on “Stupid Arguments”

  1. Hi Julie-Thanks for sharing that. Can you tell me how you “organize” your bible verses? It’s such a great idea!

  2. I created a template in Word and typed bible verses that I want to reference into the template. I then printed the verses and cropped them into cards that I placed into a business card holder I purchased from an office supply store. A link to print out the parenting verses I have entered to date is found below:

    View and Print Verses to Heed

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