When Kids Go Berserk

I attempted to cook something new today. “Your kids will love it!” the woman at church had promised after handing me her recipe for calzones. To my dismay, Katie and Hollie did not share her enthusiasm when I pulled what looked like oozing cocoons out of the oven.

Gross,” they said in unison.

Feeling belittled for my efforts and bloated from eating their portions and my own, I sent Katie and Hollie upstairs so I could clean up the kitchen in peace. A short while later, I was still feeling unappreciated when my oldest raced through the living room, chasing her sister with a plunger.

 “All right,” I said sternly. “If you’ve got that much energy, you can help me clean.”

After swapping out Katie’s weapon for window cleaner, I put both girls to work. All hard work really does bring a profit, I decided as their behavior improved with every polished surface. 

When the work was done, I thanked both for their involuntary service and breathed a sigh of relief: The house was cleaner, my children were quieter, and I felt better as a parent because I took Proverbs 14:23 to heart. We can discipline our children and reap the benefits of better behavior or let them run wild. Having seen the results of both I am a firm believer that when kids go berserk, it’s time to put them to work.

For a complete list of parenting rhymes to remember, visit my Organizing Tips page Guiding Children In The Way They Should Go and remember, it’s never too late to learn from what you live through as inch by inch, yard by yard; what seems impossible is only hard.

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