Use Equals Storage

I believe that use should equal storage. And when you keep something in an unhandy spot, it decreases the chances that it will be utilized. To prove my point (without knowing that we were doing it), my husband and I decided that the logical place to put our mini refrigerator when we moved to Illinois was on my side of the garage. That’s where it stayed, unused and unplugged, for four years because there wasn’t enough room to open the refrigerator door when my van was parked in front of it.

Once in a while (and to Bill’s dismay), I ran into the refrigerator when pulling into the garage. The dents caused by my front license plate proved that my vehicle was in far enough to shut the garage door. They also made the appliance too unattractive to bring indoors for a holiday party that we were hosting in our home.

“We can’t use it like that,” Bills said after examining my handiwork.

“I’ll buy something to cover the front,” I assured him.

The next day, I perused the aisles of Home Depot until I found a plastic kitchen backsplash that Bill could cut to fit the door.

The refrigerator looked so good when he was finished that we decided to move it to the pantry after the party was over. Ever since then, it’s been used on a daily basis. And whenever one of us reaches for a drink, I receive a refreshing reminder that if we’re not using something as much as we ought, it helps to put it in a more useful spot.

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