The Grace Of God by Andy Stanley

I heard Andy Stanley speak during a weekend service at Willow Creek and enjoyed the message so much that I decided to read his book The Grace of God. In it, the author takes a stand against graceless religion to prove “that the grace of God and the law of God are not opposing concepts.” To prove his point, Stanley’s book is filled with biblical examples of how God works through unlikely people to carry out His eternal plan. People like Jonah and King David who were blessed, not because of what they did, but in spite of it.

We are all sinners in need of a savior and The Grace of God provides a thorough study of how God worked through people just like us to make this possible.

Favorite Quotes from The Grace Of God by Andy Stanley:

“You can tell a lot about a person … by the rules they enforce. … The same is true of God. His rules reflect his values.” – p. 56

“God doesn’t throw fences around people to make them his. God gives rules of conduct to those who already belong to him.” – p. 64

“Just as sin sometimes results in bad things happening to good people, so grace creates the possibility of good things happening to undeserving people.” – p. 34

“Christ’s death and resurrection signaled to the world that the kingdom of God is not reserved for good people. It is reserved for forgiven people.” – p. 190

“grace is inviting to the unrighteous and threatening to the self-righteous.” – p. 140

“Jonah could never embrace God’s global message of grace. … Who are the Ninevites in your life? Who are the people to whom you have a hard time extending grace?” – p. 117

“someday God may assign you the task of extending grace in their direction. But that’s between you and God. And if he decides you are the person for the job, I assure you, you will have a brand new appreciation for our friend Jonah.” – pp. 117-118

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