Getting Organized On The Go

When a friend told me that she was planning to attend an in-home party where the proceeds were being donated to victims of the March 2011 earthquake that struck Japan, I agreed to tag along. We arrived to find a variety of storage solutions from Thirty-One Gifts on display and, after much deliberation, I purchased a set of All-In-One Organizer totes in a pattern that matched the interior of my van.

I used the first All-In-One Organizer to corral papers, books, and other items that used to make my passenger seat look more like a messy desk than an inviting place to sit. The second tote was the perfect size to hold reusable bags and coupons. Because the seller was running a monthly special where I could get one of the all-in-one organizers for half-price if I spent $30 of more, I also bought a Littles Carry-All Caddy and used it to store tissue paper, lens cloths, and glasses cleaner.

What I like most about the organizers (besides how nice they look), is that they also work great for road trips to hold snacks, reading material, and other travel essentials. I have been so pleased with these items that I contacted Jennifer Hansen (the Thirty-One Gifts consultant who sold them to me) and she agreed to offer free shipping to anyone who orders over $ 40.00 worth of merchandise. Thanks, Jennifer!

Links to the Thirty-One Gifts catalog, website, and current monthly specials are found below.



Current Monthly Specials

I receive no financial kickback for your order so please don’t feel pressured to make a purchase. I’m just sharing what I know so that others can grow (and become more organized on the go).